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In your prayers:

All who do not know the love of God in Christ

The last, the least, the lost, & the left behind 

Members of the military

First responders

Residents and leaders of our nation, state, and community

All doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, putting their lives on the line for all of us in the midst of a global pandemic

All those who suffer from addiction and abuse

All those who work towards lasting change, and an end to racial injustice and white supremacy

Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

Bishop Suzanne Dillahunt


Special Prayer:

Special prayers are requested for the following:

For all who have begun their first semester of Seminary


For Those Who Have Died:

Vivian Vaelchle, who passed away on Friday, August 26th

Earl Osbourne, whose long battle with cancer ended on Wednesday, August 31st

For Dr. Ellen O'Shaunessey, friend of Trinity and Downtowners executive officer, and her husband as the sudden passing of their son John


For Healing:

Debra Bazell

Dorothy Bazell

Frank Bazell

Nichole Botkin

Michael Cohen

Jerry Daily Jr.

Rose Dickerson

Al Faelchle

Dwight Garner

Jack Greene

Sharon Heinlein

Sheila Hively
Nancy Robinson
David Schroeder
Bev Speasmaker
Terry Tucker
Tom Wells

Patrick Workman

For Loved Ones:

Rob Wiegrig

Betty Ann Godshalk

Jason Kimbler         

Laura Starkley         

Meranda Hale          

Bean Anderson        

Leroy Parker           

Shelly Kindery      


Joyce Fellows       

Suzie Huskey        

Richard Burkhart  

Christina Kilhefner


Rachel & Matt       

Gary Bazell            

Earl Osborne          

Katharine Ferrard   


Carol Smith           

Alva Pingel           

Nancy Wall            

Caleb Tompsett      


Jim Hegarty           

Greg Orlady           

David Kimmerle    



Mother of Sheila Hively

Daughter of Katherine 




Dave Moore

Roger Finkenbine

Gabe Baumgardner

Anner Flores

Roy Finkenbine


Don Landwehr

(stepson of Nora)

(mother of Emily)

(son of John and Doreen)

(daughter of Peg)

(girlfriend of Jacob Kilhefner)

(father in law of Camille McAloney)

(our neighbor and a guardian angel, for health)

(relative of Pat Bennett)

(daughter in law of Betty Bayse)

(friend of Janet Robertson)

(sister of David Huskey)

(brother of Lin Burkhart)

(daughter in law of Robert, transplant)

(friend of Dorothy Bazell, cancer)

(granddaughter of Dorothy, death of son Wyatt)

(Brother of Frank Bazell, COVID-19)

(father of Katherine Hunt)

(friend of Donna Bowman, Florida nurse)

(Friend of Sarah Leake, lung treatment)

(potential COVID-19)

(stepfather of Camille McAloney)

(Aunt of Camille McAloney, continued health)

(nephew of James Tompsett, brain cancer surgery)

(Friend of Sarah Leake, heart surgery)

(Friend of Sharon Thacker, surgery)

(Friend and neighbor, for work and health)

(Brother of John Kimmerle, neck surgery)

(friend of Beth Tucker, cancer)

(friend of Sarah Leake, COVID-19)



(Brother of Jan Leach)

(Brother of Jan Leach)

(Uncle of Wes Anderson, end of life care)

Our Homebound Family:

Betty Bayse, Frank Engle, Robert Forks, Carol Schmidt, Arlene Dykeman


If you have a prayer concern you'd like added to our list please contact the church office at

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